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    Precision File Set
    Magnetic Precision Mat
    How to use Magnetic Snaps
    How to use the Rub-on Roller

    Online Classes

    Countdown to Valentine's Week 1
    Countdown to Valentine's Week 2
    Countdown to Valentine's Week 3

    Digital Scrapbooking

    How to use Quick Albums
    How to use Quick Pages
    How to use Monograms & Alphabets
    How to use Digital Brushes
    How to use custom blog headers
    How to use digital overlays
    How to resize digital elements
    How to add drop shadows
    How to use digital templates
    How to modify color
    How to add text to layouts
    Blogger & BG backgrounds
    How to use digital textures

    Product Videos

    CHA SUMMER 2013:

    Persimmon Collection

    25th & Pine Collection

    RSVP Collection

    Capture Collection & Capture Collection

    CHA WINTER 2013:

    Knee Highs Collection

    Bow Ties Collection

    Mint Julep Collection

    Hipster Collection

    CHA SUMMER 2012:

    Soleil Collection

    Aspen Frost Collection

    Serenade Collection

    Lucille Collection

    CHA WINTER 2012:

    Plumeria Collection 

    What's Up Collection 

    PB&J Collection 

    CHA SUMMER 2011:

    Indie Bloom Collection
    Little Black Dress Collection
    Nordic Holiday Collection
    Picadilly Collection 
    2012 Calendar Kit 

    Q2 2011:
    Out of Print Collection

    Oxford Collection

    CHA WINTER 2011:
    Lauderdale Collection

    Hello Luscious Collection
    Life of the Party Collection
    Sweet Threads Collection

    CHA SUMMER 2010:

    Curio Collection

    Jovial Collection

    Marjolaine Collection
    Pyrus Collection
    Wander Collection
    New Basics, Bling, & Calendar

    Q4 2010: 

    Hopscotch Collection


    Digital Classes

    Digital Layout No. 1
    Digital Layout No. 2
    Digital Layout No. 3
    Digital Layout No. 4
    Digital Layout No. 5
    Digital Layout No. 6
    Digital Layout No. 7
    Digital Layout No. 8
    Digital Card Class No. 1
    Digital Card Class No. 2
    2011 Calendar Class
    Digital Layout No. 9
    Digital Class: Party Invitation
    Digital Layout No. 10
    Digital Layout No. 11
    Digital Layout No. 12
    Digital Layout No. 13
    Digital Layout No. 14 

    Basic Inspiration Classes

    Basic Inspiration No. 1
    Basic Inspiration No. 2
    Basic Inspiration No. 3
    Basic Inspiration No. 4
    Basic Inspiration No. 5
    Basic Inspiration No. 6
    Basic Inspiration No. 7
    Basic Inspiration No. 8
    Basic Inspiration No. 9
    Basic Inspiration No. 10
    Basic Inspiration No. 11
    Basic Inspiration No. 12
    Basic Inspiration No. 13
    Basic Inspiration No. 14